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UX/UI Design

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ABC listen app

Worked as a UI and UX Designer for the ABC listen app to improve the user experience for discovering and listening to podcasts, news, radio, audiobooks and more. 

UI/UX Design, Personalisation, User Research, and User Testing

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Website Design, Expert Reviews, User Research, and User Testing

Worked as a UX Designer to develop and present a proposal for Qantas’s Future Planet Carbon Offsetting website design and initiative. As a UX Designer, I developed user personas, user journey’s, conducted market and user research, and generated wireframes from sketches to high fidelity designs based on user feedback. Each wireframe iteration was tested through user interviews and adjusted to meet the users needs. The final design proposal was created to address the user's goals and problems with the current website design such as lack of clear information, lack of incentive for repeat purchases, lack of information on the projects that are funded, and lack of understanding of where the user's contribution is going. In order to resolve these key problems I created a 3 part proposal along with the designs including a point of purchase proposal, an incentive proposal (reward system), and in-airport education installation proposal.

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Hummingbird Insight

Website Design, Photography, Video Production, and Marketing

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Worked with Hummingbird Insight on numerous projects over the course of 2 years. Worked to design Hummingbird Insight's UI website design. Directed, planned, and filmed brand videos and header website videos. Completed corporate team and office photography for their website. Created marketing strategies and campaigns which allowed their website to reach the 1st page of Google results for targeted keywords within 2 weeks. Additional projects included presentation designs, user testing and interviews, and report designs for companies such as Astra Zenica, Monsenso, etc. 

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