Digital Design



Global Menu Board Designer 

Worked with McDonald’s Global to implement and design a global menu board design strategy. I created a Global Content Framework design system, phased component design style guides, and design strategy that allows McDonald’s markets to select component based wireframe designs to implement and customise their own market’s menu board design. The design system allows markets to use a consistent set of designs and defined rules, while still allowing them the freedom to customise their menu board designs. The examples below illustrate McDonald's Italy, Austria, and Netherland's market's menu board designs for breakfast/ dinner hour menu board's using the Global Content Framework design system.


The Global Content Framework was designed to simplify McDonald's menu board designs and user experience globally by strategically selecting and showcasing core menu items in clear and functional designs. Through extensive research and eye-tracking studies, the design system was generated to include the optimal component layout designs, custom typography scales and grids, and distinct branded colour palettes and designs.


Carl's Jr.

Digital Front Counter Menu Board Designs

Worked with Carl's Jr. to design strategic menu board designs using extensive eye-tracking, region, and product data, as well as menu board design research and practices.  The designs below illustrate the updated front counter menu board designs for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner menu's.


Hungry Jack's

Digital Drive-Thru Menu Board Designs

Worked with Hungry Jack's to implement their Drive-Thru menu board design and customer order display design. The customer order display instantly shows the customer what they are ordering as they are ordering their menu items. This provides the customer with immediate feedback to ensure the customer can review their order and instantly make adjustments if needed. 


Taronga Zoo

Digital Photo Wall

Worked with Taronga Zoo to design a digital photo wall for the Savannah Adventure exhibit. The photo wall would be available for attendee's to share their photos in the exhibit to be displayed on the photo wall. The photo wall would generate an animated rotation as new images were submitted.


Coates Group

Created generic restaurant branding, visual identity, and style guides for "Crave," Coates Group's generic restaurant menu board design. Using the generic restaurant visual identity, I created digital menu board designs, user journey's, and user research, for Front Counter, Drive-Thru, Pre-Sell, and Kiosk's including specialised functionality for loyalty programs, weather based product integrations, live suggested products based on customer orders, etc. These menu board designs were created to provide feature demonstrations for client's in the in-house demo restaurant.

Digital Menu Board Designs