Graphic Design


Ambient Scents Candles

Candle Packaging Design

Ambient Scents' packaging design was inspired by the molecular structures of each particular scent including, vanilla, cinnamon, and sandlewood. Each molecular structure was recreated to form a luxurious custom pattern design.


Hygge Travel Website

Hygge is an AI travel agency designed to accommodate travelers as their personal travel mate. "Hygge" is a Danish word used to refer to the feeling of comfort and contentment gained through experiencing something special whether alone or with others. Through the travel agency, Hygge can provide the ability to foster this feeling of comfort and contentment, and be viewed as though it were a friend assisting and traveling along with the user to make their experience easy, comfortable, and stress free. Through Hygge the user can choose whether or not they wish to personalize the information displayed on the home page. If the user chooses to customize the search information, Hygge will load their personalized suggestions for each category of guides, tours, housing, and flights. If the user chooses not to customize the information, the home page fields will showcase the highlight travel locations, prices, and information.


Aaron Renolds Identity

A Multifaceted Business Consultant Agency

To illustrate both a professional and charismatic appearance I created a unique agency logo and paired it with a multicolored image to showcase the agency as polished and approachable. The logo can be utilized to create variations of patterns and motifs to further showcase the versatility of the visual identity and consultant agency.


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