Graphic Design


NYLON Magazine

Website Design for Editorials

Logo re-design and editorial website re-design to evoke NYLON magazine's edgy, young, and carefree aesthetic. The logo utilises a free flowing splatter effect, while the website design uses complementary brush strokes to showcase NYLON's experimental flair and forward thinking audience.


My One Day Book

Editorial Photobook

Editorial fashion photobook and lookbook highlighting youth street fashion with off-grid layouts.


Journey Film Festival

Journey Film Festival is festival calling filmmakers and enthusiasts together to view, critique, and create their own film journey. Each film in the festival involves characters or plot lines that undergo a physical or characteristic journey. As an attendee you are called to choose your story or journey based on the film line up and later encouraged to create your own film journey in one of the festivals workshops. 

The film festival poster, program, and logo was designed to evoke a sense of transformation for the viewer and their own journey. Hand-drawn typography was created to evoke a sense of nostalgia and familiarity with the viewer, encouraging viewers from all walks of life to participate. The Arctic Tern was chosen to represent the logo for Journey Film Festival, as the animal makes the longest migration journey in the world.